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Rental Rates

Time-share rentals are on a Saturday to Saturday Basis. Three night minimum rentals, when available, are between Saturdays. Rental rates are only suggestions and do not include Tax.

The owners of each condominium set their own rates. A security deposit of $550.00 U.S. is required May - January or 1/2 the rental rate including tax February - April.

Cancellation must be received in writing sixty (60) days prior to your arrival date for your deposit to be refunded less 10%.

No pets, roller blades, skateboards or personal water craft are allowed on the premises.

Check with the rental agent for the maximum number of occupants per unit allowed by law.


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Provided by Resort Properties Inc., Licensed Real Estate Broker and Exclusive On-Site Seller's Agent. This advertising material is being used for the purpose of soliciting sales of timeshare periods.

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